National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day


October 15, 2015

We light a candle for the little souls who are no longer with us and say a prayer for the ones who have an angel baby in Heaven.

Ask God for strength to help get through your loss.

Ephesians 3:20-21 20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.


Bye Winnie, Hello Mickey

One of the first decisions we had to make after Aaron’s passing was what to do with his nursery.  We had worked on it for Baby Winnie the Poohmonths before he was born and could not wait to bring him home to it. The idea of taking my baby room down literally made my stomach turn especially when he never got a chance to enjoy it. I wasn’t ready! I wasn’t ready!! I wasn’t ready!!! It was too soon, so I didn’t.  I kept my baby room as it was. Although I had let him go, I was still holding on and will always hold on to that part of him. Once we found out we were pregnant with Zachary, Harvey said we need to give Zachary his own identity and redo the nursery’s theme.  In the beginning I was all for it, but when I thought about taking it down, I couldn’t. It wasn’t until last week while watching Mickey Mouse with Zachary, who absolutely LOVES him, that I realized I was ABLE to let Winnie go and invite Mickey in which is a huge milestone for me. For other grieving parents it may take them longer or less than what it took me to change my baby’s room, which was a little over a year, but I got there and it was ONLY by the grace of God. Continue reading



I am not one for writing poems, but this poem just popped in my head out of nowhere so I decided to post it.

I Won’t Complain

One morning I had a son that did not wake up

The angels carried him away with a soft touch

He opened his eyes to a world of peace and no more pain

His new home in Heaven where forever he will remain

Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do

But watching him suffer was the hardest and God knew I was unable to make it through

So my prayer I sent up to God to take his pain away

Even if that meant we will be separated and years before I see his little face

Quickly the prayer was answered and I let out a sigh of relief 

Followed by tears, more tears, sadness, and heavy grief

How can I get through this I’m beyond sad

Then out of no where came my other little man

God remembered me and gave me another child

To love, cherish, and spiritually guide

So I will forever be grateful for the life I am responsible for

He is a blessing from God…both of my little boys

by: Jenell Scott

Aaron and Zachary Scott

Mommy loves you!!!


Remembered by God

Image result for stork and baby

God has remembered us, just as he remembered Hannah, Bathsheba, Rachel (to name a few) who struggled with infertility and infant loss in the bible and after nine months of carrying our second son, my husband and I are happy to announce the arrival of Zachary Scott born May 29, 2015 weighing 7 lbs and 11 oz.  It seem like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant now we have our healthy baby boy here in the flesh which I could not ask for a more precious gift. To have two little boys that was created out of love with my husband brings me so much joy. It’s funny because I was the girl who was NOT ready for kids, who did not know if she even wanted children, and ultimately had to be talked into having children. But I must admit, after giving birth to Aaron and Zachary, there is no greater love and I can’t see my life without them. My little Zachary is so adorable!!! He is a lighter version of Aaron with light brown eyes and deep dimples!!!!! He is constantly smiling and actually laughs quite often when asleep. These past three weeks has been some of the best weeks of my life and I am forever thankful that God remembered us and blessed Harvey and I with another son, Zachary. He is our blessing and we look forward to loving and raising our baby as God intended.

Zachary means “Remembered by God” 


37 wks: Pregnancy Update

Clock Watching

Can you believe I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant already?!?! The time has flown by so fast!!!! It seem like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, now I’m in my final month.  We only have a few more weeks to go and I am super excited about meeting Zachary.  This last month is the longest of all the months to me.  At this point, all we are doing now is waiting. I’m officially full term so Zachary is just putting on weight in my tummy.  I went to the doctor on yesterday and his estimated weight was 6 lbs and 7 oz.  Everything look great! As of Friday, I had not started dilating so I don’t have a clue when that process might start.  What I do know is that we are all packed up and ready to meet our baby but we are not trying to speed up anything.  When it is time for Zachary to come, he will make his debut.  In the meantime we are simply just waiting and the next pregnancy update will be about his arrival!!!!!


30 wks: Pregnancy Update

It has been a long time since I’ve given a pregnancy update on my love on top due June 3, so let’s jump right into it.  I’m now 30 weeks (7 months) with just 10 more weeks to go. We had a gender reveal party back in January and are thrilled to announce we are having another little boy! We have chosen a name, Zachery, which means “remembered by God.” Zachery, is definitely mommy’s little rockstar! He kicks, dances, flips, tango, etc. all in my belly!!!! He does not hold back, at all. I’m glad that he is active because that is a good sign, but I must admit I can’t wait until I get further along because as he grows he will not have all that space to do Taebo in my belly. Sleeping has been difficult for obvious reasons, I’m getting bigger and because of the hard kicks and jabs he likes to throw me. So far, I’ve gained about 20 lbs which isn’t bad. I expect to put on a few more in the next couple of weeks. I have not packed my hospital bag, but plan to do so in the next week or two. Also, I haven’t picked out which outfit I want Zachery to come home in.  At first, I was going to let him wear Aaron’s going home outfit, but decided to let that just remain Aaron’s. Continue reading


Answers from Heaven

When I was younger, I remember hearing you should never question God.  As I’ve gotten older, wiser, and more mature in my spiritual walk, I realize that was incorrect. I’ve asked God things before, but asking God about Aaron, my baby, is by far the most perplexing question I’ve had to ask Him.  I want answers, but there is a huge possibility I may never get that answer until I go to Heaven. At some point, I have to live with that reality of not ever getting an answer until then. I’m aware that the scriptures says in this world, you will have trials and tribulations and also that God will not put more on you than you can bear, so I know that I’m strong enough to endure this. When people say to me, “you look good” (considering the situation) I simply reply “thank you”. Continue reading